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DEI Energy Solution Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the few companies who specialize in the development, production, sales and service of digital temperature controllers in Asia.

DEI was formed in 1990 under previous name°XTaiwan Wright Enterprise Ltd. and began business with repair market of air conditioner controllers.
All of the products were outsoursed manufacturing by electronic factories.

In 1992 °„

Accompanied by the foundation of Processing & Manufacturing Department, the company was renamed as°ßTaiwan Temp. Technology Ltd.°®and also double increased the capital with 6 members.

In 1994 °„

Reformed the company into the shares- holding LTD with capital 17 million and published 1.7 million stocks. There were 21 employees at that time.
New plant was set up with the land area of 1693 square meter and 991 square meter for factory. There were Sales Department , Administration Department, Factory Affairs Department and R&D depatment.
Since then fully concentrated on the development°Bmanufacturing and sales of digital temperature controllers.

In 1995°„

Increased the capital to 27 million and published 2.7 million stocks.
Branches in Taipei and Taichung were founded; also Expanded our product range from A/C controllers to HVAC, Refrigeration and Sea Cultivation Temperature controllers.

In 1998°„

Successfully developed digital controllers for AC Inverter type air conditioners; further in January 1999, TAIWAN DEI was recognized as a ISO-9001 certified company by , Germany.
Capital increased from 30 million to 60 million , 6.6 million stocks published and employees increasing to 66 members; Shanghai branch was set up.

In 2001°„

New sub-company of Taiwan HVAC Technology and Service Co.,Ltd. was formed which comes originally from the company's Air Conditioning department.
This new sub-company was for the purpose of promoting Inverter techniques commercially into Taiwanese air conditioning market.
Capital increased from 60 million to 100 million, stocks in 10 million; Tainan branch was set up which makes now an active service chain from North Taiwan to South by Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung 4 spot-offices.

In 2004 °„

Taiwan DEI successfully developed network monitor and control system of air conditioning and refrigeration, as well as DDC(Direct Digital Control). DEI reached the milestone of high-tech monitor and control system which was developed by ourselves.
had released commercial DC inverter air conditioners in Taiwan market.

In 2005 °„

As a pioneer in Taiwan market successfully developing DC Inverter Control System of residential air conditioner by DEI RD team with existing AC Inverter technique. This DC Inverter Control System is able to drive DC ( Variable) compressor of 4pole R-22, DC 4pole R-410A and DC 6pole R-410A.
In the same year, DEI RD team accomplished "Refrigeration, HVAC, Power---HVACP Network Control and Monitor System---DEI-950

In 2006 °„

In order to reach the optimum and ideal mass production scale and quality stability, DEI insists that all products completely manufacturing in Taiwan DEI. Shanghai Hong-Yi Trading Ltd. manages the marketing and service in China.

In 2007 °„ Established a subsidiary in Malaysia, DEI Temp. Control Technology (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Meanwhile, based on Shanghai headquarter, set up a branch office in Northern China (Beijing) and Southern China ( Guangzhou).
In 2008 °„ Coorperation with international famous company to develop DC inverter FCU. Complete energy saving construction project for Shanhai government.
In 2009 °„ Complete many Building automation construction project in Taiwan and China.
In 2010 °„ Developing DC inverter controlled system energy saving application °ųDC FCU, DC AHU, DC FFU, DC inverter air conditioner, DC industrial exhaust blower. Complete Chinese construction project for Expo Affair Bureau, American Pavilion, State Grid Pavilion, and ShangHu Ecology House in Expo 2010 Shanghai. Establish branch in Tsinan, Wuhan and Tianjin.
In 2011 °„ Plan exhibiting DC energy saving technology application, cloud logic operation system, Modbus TCP/ BACnet Ethnet °ųDC FCU°BDC AHU°BDC FFU°BDC inverter air conditioner and DC industrial exhaust blower in Shanhai in 7th, 8th and 9th in April