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General Functions

The system includes HVAC monitor system, chiller monitor system, supply and exhaust water monitor system, transformer distribution station monitor system, power(lighting) monitor system, security monitor system...etc.
”DMulti-step of
”@daily chedule
It could be set 20 steps of parameter schedule in 24 hour or working time. This function can save energy and management fee.
”DWeekly and
The weekly and monthly schedule is base on multi-step of daily schedule and remove national holiday. This system is auto schedule control and able to save over 85% of management fee.
Users can find status of each equipment's operation in anytime from history recording.

Special Functions


”DBill system Using operation logic form software to calculate accurately and fairly cost for each FCU in airside to reach energy saving and carbon reducing. This system would not add any hardware and maintenance fee in the future.
”DHVAC power
Base on bill system to calculate accurately consumption of cooling source for each FCU in same time interval to reach energy saving and carbon reducing by energy management
”DRemote turn
”@on and off
The host can turn on and off any monitored devices. this function can use in room control for high level of hotel's HAVC to improve customer services.
”D Sleep
Sleep function is base on medical science, the function will control temperature to reach the requirement for cooling source before people sleeping and after. In addition, because of people require less cooling source after sleeping, it could save 15% of energy.
Network monitor system can send the warning message to authority by cell phone communication system.
”D Fire ccident
”@alert sistance
Fire alert is adding function form DEI-758 series. When there is one device have alert output of over 50¢J temperature. The monitored window will twinkle and jump to show the alert of over 50¢J, the computer also has alert voice to warning people. The staff can identify the fire location from monitored system and make remedy to reducing the damage. [This function can use in fire protection system]
A”B Special drive for BAS electricity automation monitor system area -> easy operation interface and convenience for construction
”@”@1.HVAC monitor system: FCU -> DEI-758 series; AHU -> DEI-6688 series and DEI-201N AHU; VAV -> DEI-6688 series and DEI-201N VAV.
”@”@2.Chiller monitor system: DEI-6688 series.
”@”@3.Electrical heater (boiler) monitoring system: DEI-6688 series.
”@”@4.Refrigerator, freezer monitor system: DEI-860 series.
B”B Communication management
”@”@ 1. Stable connection quality
”@”@”@Through RS-485 communication interface, it has advantage of resisting signal-to-noise ratio for differential signal; and
”@”@”@smart communication model and data resend mechanism. It can make network control faster and stable.
”@”@2. High speed communication
”@”@”@Signal rotation is transmitting in advanced.
”@”@ 3. Forthwith monitor
”@”@”@Using hard scanning and event to forthwith monitor status of each equipment's operation.
”@”@4. Communication quality monitor
”@”@”@Through communication quality tool for forthwith monitor equipments, it is easy for user to know the connection quality and
”@”@”@easy for construction and maintenance.
”@”@5. Open up communication form
”@”@”@Open up ModBUS-RTU structure and communicate with end-equipments.
C”B Monitor management
”@”@ 1. Direct symbol man-machine interface: controlled symbol is easy recognizing, simple operation and friendly design for using
”@”@2. Auto-search function: the system can auto-search and connect network devices for faster setting in a computer. It is no
”@”@”@necessary to add or edit by staff.
”@”@3. Historical record tend figure: forthwith recording, temperature, operated status, I/O status ...etc.
”@”@”@(1)User can select color, type of figure and forthwith data update.
”@”@”@(2)Forthwith data statistic and collection result.
”@”@”@(3)Historical data searching
”@”@”@(4)Self range for daily an monthly report for preview and print.
”@”@4. Plan management: With plan management, it is directly know current control and operation status for every devices.
”@”@”@(1)User can plan area diagram and design location of devices. It is also applying drag-drop to add new monitored device.
”@”@”@(2)Equipment tree management and self designed plan....or auto open last setting.
”@”@”@(3) Apply function for saving and loading
D”B Alert management
”@”@1. System diary: through system diary for historical data searching and it is easy to analyze and maintenance. The function has message preview, report,
”@”@”@ collection, preview and print.
”@”@2. Warming message: when system has failure or damage event such as fire event, high temperature, low temperature or
”@”@”@devices are too long out of line.
”@”@”@System will follow contact list to send message to staff to make sure normal operation for every equipment.
”@”@3. Forthwith warming system: auto-jump warming window to caution
E”B Data management
”@”@1. Account management: through account management can set authority of operator to avoid man-made failure.
”@”@2. Authority management: the system applies ten groups for planning by different policies. Single group has three level of
”@”@”@authority setting and plan
”@”@”@group member change.
”@”@3. Data backup and management: through importing and exporting file for data backup to avoid data lose.
”@”@4. Database maintenance: auto maintenance and auto save data.
F”B Wiring specification
”@”@DEI-950 host -> connection to main controller, RS-485 is suggested using 2C UL2464”ž24AWG communication isolated wire.
”@”@ BAC net and ModBUS-TCP is suggested using Category 5e or advanced wire.
”@”@Main controller to power board, is suggested using 2C UL2464”ž24AWG communication isolated wire
”@”@ Power board to sub controller, is suggested using 3C UL2464”ž24AWG communication isolated wire.